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We’re here to remove the mystery surrounding towbars and to provide you with all the help and assistance we can to ensure you make an informed choice.

Towbar Configurator

We’ve made it simple to get towbars quoted and fitted.

With the Towzone Towbar Configurator, you’ll be able to build an instant quote, book online 24/7 and get lots of user friendly tips and advice along the way. 

The configurator has over 15,000 configurations currently loaded into the system so you can choose between towbar types, fixings, electrical connections and so much more. The configurator will automatically adjust the options which are available for your car or van and then show a visual configuration of the towbar on screen as you build your quote.

It doesn’t matter if you need a towbar for work, play, caravans, horsebox, trailer, cycle carriers, or other towbar accessories – our configurator will help you choose the perfect set-up, give you an instant fully fitted price and show you what it looks like right in front of your eyes!

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Towbar Fitting Quote
The configurator provides help along the way and automatically adjusts to your vehicle model

"Actually See Your Towbar Set-Up as You Build Your Quote"

No more guessing what your towbar set-up will look like! Simply select your options and then visually see what the changes look like. Take a peek by clicking the flashing locators below!

Take a Peak at How the Visual Configurator Works

Towzone Configurator Mobile Device
Towbar Configurator Layout

Select Brand...

To begin the configurator simply select your car, van or pick-up manufacturer by clicking the Get An Instant Quote button above.

Model & Year

Once selected the configurator will automatically present the options available for your specific vehicle.

Towbar Type

Choose the type of towbar best suited for your requirements with simple helpful tips to help you along the way.

Fixed or Detachable?

Depending on your vehicle and towbar choice you can then choose from fixed or detachable options.

Reversing Sensors

The configurator will adjust the options depending on whether or not you have reversing sensors fitted to your vehicle.

Towbar Electrics

Choose from three different types of electrical socket with helpful tips to help you decide on the best type for you.

Towbar Electrics Close Up

A close up view of the electrical socket chosen to ensure you know the electrical socket is indeed the one you require. 

Wiring Type

Depending on your vehicle you'll be able to choose the wiring type. Visual tips are on hand to explain the benefits of each type.

Bumper Protector

If your chosen towbar set-up has the option of a bumper protector then you can select one with a single click.

Towbar Designer

Are you confused about towbars? Are you unsure which electrical connection is best for you? Are you unsure about which towbar best matches your lifestyle?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions then why not give our Towbar Designer a try!… The Designer will answer all of these questions (and so many more!) and take you by the hand through a series of simple questions to help match you and your vehicle with your perfect towbar set-up. It’s incredibly simple to use and has over one hundred different outcomes based on your personal selections. 

The Towbar Designer is free to use and available below… 

The Towbar Designer will help answer questions like...

Which Towbar Do I Need For My Caravan?

The answer to this question depends on several factors and can be answered specifically by the Towbar Designer.

Which Towbar Electrics Will I Need?

It's important to match your electrics with your trailer combination and the Towbar Designer will be able to assist.

Do I Really Need a Detachable Towbar?

There are many reasons why you may need a detachable towbar and the Towbar Designer will be able to help you decide.

Which Towbar is Best For My Lifestyle?

How you intend to use your Towbar has a considerable effect on the final choice and of course the Towbar Designer will help.

Vehicle Report

Information is power… or at least that’s what they say! Find out most of the information available about your vehicle on the DVLA and DVSA databases using our Free Vehicle Check Report service. Simply enter your vehicle registration and voila!… you’ll be presented with a comprehensive report showing a wealth of information related to your vehicle.

This kind of report would normally set you back between £2 – £5 online but at Towzone we let you find out this information for free.

Free Vehicle Report