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Blackmore Vale Leisure Ltd


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Towzone Listing Assistant

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The User Menu

How to navigate the user menu when logged into your account…

From here you’ll be able to add additional listings from different categories (Zones) across the Towzone Marketplace.

From here you’ll be presented with a dropdown menu…

My Listings: From here you’ll be able to view all of your Free and Partner listings across the Towzone Marketplace.

My Account: From here you can view your private account dashboard where you can view invoices and current subscriptions and make changes to your account, billing and password details.

Claim Listings: From here you’ll be able to quickly find and claim any business listings already shown on Towzone related to your business.

Add Reviews: From here Partner Plan Members can submit up to 5 initial reviews from other trusted platforms which we will verify and add to your profile for free.

From here you’ll be able to apply and view details about becoming a LocalPRO in your service area.

From here you’ll be able to view all of the current pricing plans available for Free, Partner and LocalPRO plans available on Towzone.

Listing Types

The self managed Towzone platform allows you to edit and administer your own listings as and when you wish and are available in two different plans.

The Free Plan gives you a no cost option for a basic listing and profile on Towzone including a 500 character description, one business logo/image, a Members badge, a contact form and allows you to be found in all relevant searches on our platform.

The Partner Plan gives you a fully enhanced featured listing and profile with additional Partner and Featured badges including a 2500 character description, accreditation logos, a website link, contact form, phone number, social links (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram), business opening hours, a video, unlimited images and the option to be verified to receive overflow LocalPRO bookings and an associated Verification badge.

View our Plans page for full details on available plans. 

Listing Zones, Categories & Tags

The Towzone platform is grouped in three distinct ways to make it as simple as possible for users searching our platform.


The top level group is known as a Zone and is a clearly defined sector e.g. Towbars, Caravans etc.

A Listing (no matter whether it is Free or Partner Plan) cannot be included in more than one Zone. If you wish to be listed in more than one Zone then another listing will need to be created for each and every Zone you wish to be included in.


Each Zone is then split into separate Categories which are specific to the service offered e.g. Towbar Installers, Caravan Servicing etc.

Free Plan Listings are capped at 1 category per listing.

Partner Plan Listings are capped at 10 categories per listing.


Tags are keywords that are tightly related to each Category and are shown on your profile page under the Services tab. Tags can be either service, brand or product specific e.g. Witter, Maxxair, Gaslow, Ford, Audi etc.

Tags are of particular importance as they will show up in search results, so the more relevant tags you have the better. E.g if you have the tag Ford Towbars then you’ll show up when a user searches for that search phrase.

You can choose from a list of Tags for your Zone and Category in the dropdown list on your Manage My Listings page.

Missing a Tag that you would like included? Simply drop us an email at support@towzone.co.uk or if you’re a Partner Plan member click the LiveChat button below and we’ll get it added for you.

Free Plan Listings are capped at 5 tags per listing.

Partner Plan Listings are capped at 50 tags per listing.

How to Claim a Listing

In order to make getting listed on Towzone as simple and painless as possible, we have already included basic details of many towbar installers, caravan workshops and other towing related services across the UK.

If you’ve seen your business already listed then you can claim it as yours which allows you to take control of the listing and update/edit the details whenever you wish.

Claiming your business gives you a head start, is incredibly easy, automated and will take just a few minutes.

To claim your business simply select Claim Listings from the user menu above and you’ll be taken to a page with further instructions on how to claim your listing.

Once you’ve claimed your listing simply follow the How to Edit a Listing section below.

How to Create a Listing

You can create a new listing on Towzone whenever you wish by selecting Add New Listings from the user menu above.

Simply select the Zone most relevant to your business and the services that you provide and then complete the easy-to-follow listing details.

Free Plan Accounts can add a maximum of one Free Plan listing per Zone. So for instance, if you are both a Towbar Installer and Auto Electrician then you can add a free listing in both the Towbar (Towbar Installers) and Caravan (Auto Electricians) Zones.

Users with at least one Partner Plan Listing can either…

a) Add one Free Plan listing per Zone in which they do not already have a Partner Listing. 

b) Or create an additional Partner Plan listing for each and every Zone at a discounted price of just £2.95/listing/month (Usual price £6.95).

To get the discounted price simply enter the discount code (which will have been emailed to you shortly after subscribing to your first Partner Plan) at checkout.

In addition to the above, Partner Plans also come in 3 different sizes (1, 3 or 10 locations) where the additional listings are included as part of the plan.

If you don’t have the discount code handy then send us an email at support@towzone.co.uk or if you’re a Partner Plan member use the LiveChat button below.

How to Edit a Listing

Editing an existing listing is incredibly simple.

You’ll find all of your Towzone listings on your Profile page which can be found by selecting My Profile in the menu at the top of the page.

Simply select the listing you wish to edit and you’ll be taken to the listing page and then click the Edit button.

Once you’ve finished editing your listing you’ll be given the chance to preview your changes before going live.

If you’re happy then click the Submit Listing button and your changes will go live.

Further Notes…

Header Image: Please note, the first image that you upload will automatically become the background header image at the top of your profile page. 

Logo Image: For best display results it is suggested that your logo image is as close to square as possible. Landscape images can be added but they will automatically reduce in size to fit within the available image container.

How to Upgrade a Listing

You can upgrade a Free Listing to a Partner Listing whenever you wish.

To upgrade go to your Profile page which can be found by selecting My Profile in the menu at the top of the page.

Simply select the listing you wish to upgrade and you’ll be taken to the listing page and then click the Upgrade button.

The Manage My Listing page will load simply select a Partner Plan option (see image below) and the page will reload with all the additional Partner fields available.


Simply update your listing and make your changes accordingly. When complete you’ll be able to preview your changes and when you’re happy click the Submit Listing button where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page.

Simply pay and subscribe to the Partner Plan and on completion, your upgraded listing will go live.

How to Downgrade a Listing

To downgrade a Partner Listing to a Free Listing simply visit your Account page by selecting My Account from the menu at the top of this page.

From your Account page, select Subscriptions and then Manage Subscription for the relevant listing.

The Subscription Details for the listing will be shown, now finally click the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page and your subscription will be canceled.

Your listing will automatically downgrade to a Free listing on the subscription expiry date.

How to Delete a Listing

To delete a listing go to your Profile page which can be found by selecting My Profile in the menu at the top of the page.

Simply select the listing you wish to delete and you’ll be taken to the listing page and then click the Delete button.

To ensure you don’t delete your listing by mistake you’ll be prompted to confirm your request to delete before the listing is finally deleted.

IMPORTANT: Deleting your listing, means just that… there will be no way of recovering the listing once it has been deleted. The only way to get your listing shown would be to add it again manually. You have been warned!

How to Add Multiple Locations

If you have a Partner Multisite Plan then you can add either 2 or 9 additional listings (depending on plan, either 3 locations or 10 locations total. We call this a franchise location.

Having additional locations means your business will show in more user searches and also higher up in the search results because our listings are returned by proximity to the searcher. 

Having multiple locations is particularly useful for mobile service providers who don’t have fixed locations in service areas that they cover.

There are 2 steps to adding additional listing locations…

Step 1:

Edit the main (parent) listing as per the How to Edit a Listing instructions above. From the Manage My Listings page select the Multiple Locations tab to YES (see image below).

A new field will now appear below titled Generic Fields. This field is a time saver as it allows you to select all of the fields from the master listing that you would like to automatically clone to any new listings. Most users would select everything except the address (and perhaps the phone number) as all these fields would be identical (see image below).

How to add another listing

Once completed scroll to the bottom of the listing and click the Submit Listing button to save the details for the main (parent) listing.

Step 2:

It’s now time to add another listing with a new location (franchise location).

From the main listing page click the Add Franchise button.

A new “chained” franchise listing will now load to the Manage My Listing screen and will present you with only the fields you omitted in Step 1.

Now simply add the name of your business (you can ignore the warning about it being a duplicate name) and any other fields that you have available.

The chances are that you won’t have a physical address for each location so if you’re a mobile installer then simply type the name of the town or city that you would like a presence in for this franchise listing and select it from the Google Address dropdown and an address for that location will automatically appear below. You do not need to change any of the other address fields below.

Eg. Choose “Northampton” as the address from the dropdown if you want to be shown with a presence and map pin in Northampton.

Preview your listing and when you’re happy click the Submit Listing button and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page.

Simply pay and subscribe to the Partner Franchise Plan and on completion, your upgraded listing will go live and a new Service Area tab will show on each of your listings (see below).

Service Area

NOTE: Each listing has its own subscription so that you can easily manage each listing independently of each other.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE THE PARENT LISTING! – Deleting the Main (Parent) listing will delete the details of all associated child (Franchise) pages. 

How to Embed a Towzone Badge on Your Site

Partner Plan subscribers can embed a Towzone Members Badge on their own website to show user ratings dynamically.

You can change the look and feel of the badge to match your site by adjusting the colours of borders and backgrounds and choose between two different shapes and sizes.

To design the embed badge go to your Profile page which can be found by selecting My Profile in the menu at the top of the page.

Simply select any listing and you’ll be taken to the listing page and then click the Embed Member Badge button.

A pop up screen will appear with a visual of your embeddable badge showing your business name, your latest ratings and the Towzone I’m a Member Logo.

Simply adjust the design settings on the left hand of the screen and you’ll see your badge refresh with the new design elements.

When you’re happy simply click the copy code button and pass it to your web developer who will be able to easily add it to your website.

The badge will automatically and dynamically adjust as and when reviews are left on your Towzone profile page.


Towzone Member Badge

How to Get Verified as a LocalPRO Partner

Partner Plan members can optionally upgrade to be verified by Towzone.

Getting verified is simple, quick and has several benefits including an additional Verified Badge which will be shown on both your listing and profile pages. 

Being Verified also means that you’ll be contacted by us in the event that a LocalPRO booking has been made on our platform which cannot be carried out by the LocalPRO it was booked with.

In this case, a member of the Towzone team will locate the nearest Verified Partner and offer them the booking at the booked price. You’re free to accept or decline the booking as you wish.

The verification process is the same process we follow for LocalPROs and allows us to pass the work on to a Verified Partner with the Towzone Money Back Guarantee remaining in place. 

We’ve made the verification process as easy as possible. As most of our service providers are established businesses much of the information required is available on the public domain (ie. the internet) which means in the vast majority of cases we won’t need to make a formal background check. 

We’ll send you further details on Partner Verification by email a few weeks after subscribing to a plan or alternatively, you can make a request directly by email at support@towzone.co.uk  

Looking to be listed as a LocalPRO?

LocalPRO profiles and listings have an enhanced package which is managed by the Towzone Team. To find out the availability of becoming a LocalPRO in your area contact us by visiting the LocalPRO sign up page.

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