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Find thousands of towbar, caravan, trailer and related partners across the nation on the UK's only platform dedicated to towing and caravan services professionals.

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Build instant online quotes by verified LocalPROs and book jobs online 24/7 across a wide range of towing and caravan related services all backed up by the Towzone Guarantee.

We're big on privacy ... visitors can use our entire platform without ever creating an account.

How Towzone works...

Find an amazing local Towzone expert in 5 easy steps.

How Towzone works...

Find an amazing local Towzone expert in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Search Towzone
Search the Towzone Marketplace to find towbar, caravan and other related service professionals near you.
You'll be instantly presented with a huge selection of local service providers to choose from all who are ready to assist.
Every towbar related provider all in one place!
Step 2: Find a LocalPRO
You'll find at least one LocalPRO at the top of your search listings.
LocalPROs are businesses who have been verified by Towzone and also offer enhanced services on our platform including instant quotes, online bookings (with small deposits) and their workmanship is covered by the Towzone Guarantee.
All LocalPROs are verified by us!
Step 3: Get an Instant Quote
Once you've chosen your LocalPRO partner you'll be able to begin building your online quote using our visual configurator.
It's incredibly simple to use, provides helpful tips along the way and will provide you with a guaranteed price inside of 60 seconds!
No more waiting for quotes!
Step 4: Book Online
Booking your towbar related service has never been so safe and easy.
From your LocalPROs visual configurator simply book your chosen service for a date and time that is convenient to you and pay just a small holding deposit.
You'll pay the balance to your LocalPRO on the actual work day and you'll also be protected by the Towzone Guarantee.
Book online 24/7 with a small deposit!
Step 5: Leave a Review
Once completed, leave the LocalPRO a review and recommend them to your friends.
In the unlikely event that you've had a negative experience then we'll do our best to assist and resolve the situation.
If you've got time then you could leave Towzone a review as well!
Your reviews will help other users!
Towbar Fitter

Towbar Fitting

Every towbar for every vehicle fully fitted at a fully inclusive price.

Visual Configurator

Create your own towbar quote and watch it build on screen in front of your eyes.
Find a LocalPRO

Solar Panels

Use the sun to help the environment and save you money at a fully inclusive price.

Visual Configurator

Book a solar panel installation for your caravan, motorhome or campervan instantly.
Coming Soon

Caravan Movers

The ultimate back saver fitted to your caravan at a fully inclusive price.

Visual Configurator

Book a caravan motor mover installation instantly. Zero fuss.
Coming Soon

Air Con

Cool your caravan down in those hot sticky months for a fully inclusive price.

Visual Configurator

Book a caravan, motorhome or campvan Air Con installation 24/7 instantly.
Coming Soon

Caravan Servicing

Give your prized possesion a much needed service at a fully inclusive price.

Visual Configurator

Book a full service for your caravan instantly with a LocalPRO near you.
Coming Soon

Caravan Storage

Places to keep your caravan safe whilst you're residing at your other home!

Search Marketplace

Find a secure storage site local to you at a reasonable price.
Coming Soon

Are you a towing service professional?

There's a plan for you no matter your budget or business size...

Join the UK's only online towing service marketplace with a Free Plan. Upgrade to the fully enhanced Partner Plan for a small monthly fee or become a Towzone LocalPRO with your own integrated visual configurator, instant online quotes, 24/7 bookings and zero hassle all backed up by the Towzone Guarantee.

Why Use a LocalPRO?


You’ll find LocalPRO’s across the Towzone platform all of whom have been verified for their qualifications, professionalism and expertise in their related services. Combined these LocalPROs provide a unique online marketplace covering almost every service related to towing, caravaning, trailers and so much more.

Each and every LocalPRO provides user friendly tools to make your life quicker and easier… including super simple and instant online quotes, 24/7 secure online bookings (with small refundable deposits) and which is all provided by our Visual Configurator that allows you to see your chosen service build on-screen in front of your very eyes.

Booking your LocalPRO through Towzone means you’ll also be covered by a range of additional exclusive Towzone benefits. These include our Peace of Mind Guarantee (where your price won’t increase or we’ll hand your deposit back), an Extended Warranty (we’ll cover you for parts and labour up to 3 years for a small one-off fee) and the Towzone Guarantee (we’ll give you your money back if you’re not happy).

"Actually See Your Towbar Set-Up as You Build Your Quote"

Towzone Configurator Mobile Device
Towbar Configurator Layout

Select Brand...

To begin the configurator simply select your car, van or pick-up manufacturer by clicking the Get An Instant Quote button above.

Model & Year

Once selected the configurator will automatically present the options available for your specific vehicle.

Towbar Type

Choose the type of towbar best suited for your requirements with simple helpful tips to help you along the way.

Fixed or Detachable?

Depending on your vehicle and towbar choice you can then choose from fixed or detachable options.

Reversing Sensors

The configurator will adjust the options depending on whether or not you have reversing sensors fitted to your vehicle.

Towbar Electrics

Choose from three different types of electrical socket with helpful tips to help you decide on the best type for you.

Towbar Electrics Close Up

A close up view of the electrical socket chosen to ensure you know the electrical socket is indeed the one you require. 

Wiring Type

Depending on your vehicle you'll be able to choose the wiring type. Visual tips are on hand to explain the benefits of each type.

Bumper Protector

If your chosen towbar set-up has the option of a bumper protector then you can select one with a single click.

"Actually See Your Towbar Set-Up as You Build Your Quote"

LocalPRO verified installers

Worried about the trustworthiness and skillset of who's going to be working on your car or caravan?
When you search Towzone lookout for LocalPRO towbar installers who have been verified for their identity and qualifications to ensure your peace of mind.


60 Second online quotes

There's nothing more frustrating than having to wait for someone to call you back with a price...
Our towbar configurator removes this pain and provides you with a guaranteed price for your towbar installation instantly. Watchout for many more Configurator Services coming soon!


Peace of mind. Guaranteed

The internet can be a wonderful tool but its not without its concerns and there are a lot of rogue traders out there.
By booking your towbar installation with a LocalPRO installer through Towzone, you're guaranteed peace of mind with all installations backed up the Towzone Guarantee.


Price promise or money back

We've all heard horror stories of tradesman that quote one price and then subsequently invoice another.
Part of the promise our LocalPRO installers abide to, is to not hit you with additional costs. So as long as you haven't made an error or made a change then your price is set in stone.


Lifetime warranty

Most towbar manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the towbar but did you know that the electrics are not covered? We're different, we provide a lifetime warranty that covers all parts for as long as you own the vehicle. T&C's apply.


Book towbar installations 24/7

So you're ready to book your towbar installation but alas it's 10pm in the evening and no one is available to help!
With our visual configurator, booking an installation is as simple as selecting your day, time and location and then dropping it in your basket. It couldn't be easier if we tried!


Vehicle specific wiring

We only offer high quality vehicle specific wiring to ensure your vehicle never develops a fault on your dashboard and that your cars warranty isn't invalidated. *Unless unavailable.


Pay just a small deposit

When booking a towbar installation through Towzone you book with just a small deposit of 10%. Pay the balance when we’re on our way! *up to 24hrs before your installation date.


Customer Feedback

& Reviews
owen hayes testimonial
Owen Hayes

"The mobile tow-bar fitter I found on Towzone was really helpful and provided a wonderful service. They also offer us excellent value… I can’t recommend them enough"

Testimonial 3
Patricia Mortimer

“I was apprehensive as I didn't know anything about towbars but the tow bar configurator was so easy to use and left me feeling reassured about my purchase. Very happy”

Testimonial 2
Callum Jones

“We regularly use Towzone to get towbars fitted for our customers. The marketplace is easy to use and I always find what I'm looking for. We have never had any issues with the quality of work”

Luca Lombardelli Testimonial
Luca Lombardelli

“My wife and I have been keen caravaners for over two decades and needed to get a towbar fitted to our new Kia. Booking online with Towzone with a small deposit gave us real peace of mind”

    Towbar Fitting Quotes

    Search from 399 of the UK's best towbar fitters and get towbar fitting quotes from experts local to you.

    Are you looking for a towbar fitter near you?
    With 399 towbar installers currently listed on Towzone you’ll be guaranteed to find a professional towbar fitter local to you, ready and waiting to install your towbar.

    Towbar installation quotes made quick and easy.
    First, search the Towzone Marketplace to find a towbar fitter near you. You’ll be presented with the map search results for the best towbar fitters within your chosen area. You’ll be able to contact each installer separately from their profile page to get assistance or request a towbar fitting quote.

    LocalPRO installers with enhanced safety, features, benefits and guarantees.
    From your search results, you’ll also be presented with a LocalPRO towbar fitter for your area. Each LocalPRO has been verified by Towzone to ensure they are respectable and a professional to ensure you’re in the safest possible hands.

    All LocalPRO’s are also included in our Towbar Configurator to provide you with instant online towbar fitting quotes and without the need for an email address. You’ll also be able to book the towbar installation with the LocalPRO online securely 24/7 with just a small deposit of less than 15%.

    LocalPRO’s are also backed up by the Towzone Guarantee where in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work carried out by your LocalPRO and your relationship subsequently breaks down, Towzone will look to reimburse you the amount paid for the towbar installation subject to a limit of £750.00 (exc VAT). Further Towzone Guarantee details.

    Every towbar for every vehicle.
    The towbar configurator for each LocalPRO currently has over 15000 options and dynamically populates with the available options for your specific vehicle and age range and will present you with a choice of flange towbars, alko towbars, swan neck towbars, fixed towbars, detachable towbars, 7 pin single sockets, 7 Pin twin sockets, 13 pin sockets, universal wiring, vehicle specific wiring, bumper protectors and so much more.

    Mobile towbar installers and fixed (drive in) towbar fitting locations.
    Choose from hundreds of fixed and mobile towbar fitters nationwide. The mobile installers will come to your home or work and fit the towbar on your drive or any other safe off road location.

    Are you a towbar installer? Become the Towzone LocalPRO for your area. Find out more

    Spotlight on towbar fitting

    Confused about towbars?

    Use the Towzone Towbar Designer to help you decide the towbar set-up for your lifestyle.

    Towbar Designer

    Find out the towbar set-up to match your lifestyle by using our towbar designer. It couldn't be easier.
    Design My Towbar

    From Us to You:
    Get your free vehicle report.

    Get an instant vehicle check report on your vehicle from us to you for free and no email required.

    Vehicle Check Report

    Find out the latest information held on your vehicle on the DVSA and DVLA databases. Compliments of Towzone.
    Check Vehicle

    All your towbar and towbar fitting questions answered...

    Just starting out? Or looking for a quick refresher? Head to the answers of our most frequently asked questions.

    Towbar FAQs

    Find out answers to all of the frequently asked towbar questions we get asked. Simple.
    Read FAQs

    Find all towbar fitters near you.

    Find details to every towbar installer in and around your area instantly.

    The UK's Biggest

    With the largest selection of UK towbar installers on the web, you'll be sure to find an expert near you.
    Search Towzone

    Find a LocalPRO towbar fitter near you.

    Find your LocalPRO towbar installer with the Towzone Guarantee.

    Your LocalPRO

    With instant quotes, online booking, money back guarantee and many other benefits. Why wouldn't you?
    Find a LocalPRO

    Build an instant towbar fitting quote.

    There's no easier, quicker way to get a towbar fitting quote. You'll get an instant quote and see the towbar build on screen infront of your very eyes. Book online 24/7.

    Visual Configurator

    Every LocalPRO towbar fitter has their own visual configurator to build instant towbar fitting quotes. No waiting for quotes. Takes less than 60 seconds.
    Get an Instant Quote